Sudden flakiness

My front door sensor, a multipurpose sensor on v2 hub, got stuck in the open state. Moved it around, no luck. Pulled battery, reset device, after I removed it from the ST devices I tried to rediscover it. No luck. Maybe its the battery but last read was 88%.

LED blinks blue when I try to connect a new device, but no luck.

Strangely enough, my closet with an old open/close sensor no longer triggers now.

Did something change? Software update? Bad hardware?

I’m willing to bet your having trouble with your zigbee sensors but your zigbee bulbs are fine?

I had this same problem a couple of days ago, literally the same thing…

I unplugged my hub for about an hour (I forgot to plug it back in) the next day and all had been good since.

Not saying it will work for you, but it did for me.

No bulbs, just a ton of GE wall switch dimmers, motion detectors and a couple leak sensors. Dimmers are working.

Other sensors seem to be working fine. I also get some flakiness with a prox sensor telling me constantly that I’ve arrived/left/arrived/left etc.

I hard reset the hub so it blinked blue, then solid blue, then green.

Latest software seems buggy, I will also add that my Samsung Smartcam, while recognized by ST provides no streaming video (which it does properly on the Samsung app).

Latest firmware/OS feels pretty broken to me.

Well, another door sensor isn’t working either. So that makes 3 total open and close sensors that arent working. Someone wrote some buggy code!

Everything working again today - including repairing old sensor. They probably pushed a patch. Is there a good place to see if they did push a patch and release notes?

I think I just figured out what my problem was.

About a week or so ago I moved my ST hub, hue hub, modem and router to a different location in my house.

I have an Asus dual band router, very powerful. For some stupid reason I parked my ST hub literally 2 inches from the router.

I will be moving it today.

Maybe you should try the same thing?

AFAIK there have been no “patches” that would have caused what you saw. It’s more likely a ZigBee routing issue or local interference. Make sure your hub isn’t right next to other wireless devices (use the full length of the cable to give it some space).

Yeah, flaky again today. So it shouldnt be within 2’ of the router? I have had this working for a couple months, why the error now?