Successful Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Installation


(Adrian) #22

@acjohnson55 The speed control is still off even with the new setup. Low is low, med is med, med-high is HIGH, & high is med again.

(Adrian) #23

I added the inwall remote for a clean look & sure as heck it also has mixed up buttons: low is med, med is high, & high is medium.

So I’ve tried 2 receivers & 3 remotes with this fan & all have same issue.

Not even Hampton bay techs could figure why.

(Will) #24

Is this the right kit? I have no wall switch (hard-wired, always on) and need a remote.

(Alan) #25

Yep, that’s the one I used.


Hello. Can someone please answer my simple question?
I only have a single set of wires(line, load, neutral) in my box. Does that mean I can’t install the Hampton Bay combined fan&light wall control?
In other words does this wall control work via zigbee control of the device in the fan or via electrical control of the device in the fan?

(Steve Jackson, USA, Shard 1) #27

If it’s the battery operated wall control that I think your referring to, it works over the same frequency as the remote (I believe that it’s RF). You have to set dip switches. It has no direct connection to the fan wiring.


And one further question. Is there a specific device handler for this product?

(Dan) #29

Just to make sure you’re clear, there are two different Hampton Bay add-ons that look similar but each have some pros and cons.

First, if Zigbee control of your fan is what you’re after, you need to buy the following kit. It comes with a hand-held remote control that operates via a non-zigbee RF protocol. ST would control the fan via Zigbee (assuming you have a Zigbee outlet nearby to act as a repeater! This really is not an option with this particular device!)

The second kit they sell is the following. It does NOT support Zigbee and thus will not work with SmartThings. However, it comes will a very nice wall-mountable RF remote control that some people prefer over the handheld version in the kit above.

Some people actually buy both kits and use the Zigbee controller from the first kit along with the wall-mountable RF remote control from the second kit. This provides the best of both, and the remaining parts can be used on another fan in your house that does not require SmartThings integration.

I hope this helps to clear things up. Some users have accidentally bought the second kit, installed it, only to find out later their mistake when it would not pair with ST.


Thanks - that’s the complete answer that I need.

I don’t really want a zigbee control (I’d prefer zwave plus), but this does seem to be the best (and easiest) approach to ST/Hubitat control.
I hope that I have enough zigbee repeater in that part of the house!


This thread has been very helpful. I am using the wink-enabled remote with SmartThings on a Hampton bay fan. Similar to other users I’ve had some issues with keeping a consistent connection to the controller. The app controls the fan for a few minutes but then loses connection and doesn’t work. Sometimes a power cycle fixed it, but not always. I wonder if a ZigBee repeater would help. I do not have any other ZigBee devices in the house…so that’s probably the problem. Any recommendations for cheap ZigBee repeaters?

(Dan) #32

Yes, it most definitely will! :slight_smile:

Many folks seem to like the Lowes Iris 3210-L smart outlets, which are on sale/clearance at Lowes currently. Other like the Ikea Tradfri outlets. There is always the Samsung/SmartThings outlets as well. Just please do not use a smart bulb as a zigbee repeater. Those will more often than not, cause zigbee problems.

(Steve Jackson, USA, Shard 1) #33

I am using a “securifi peanut plug” available on Amazon for $13.

The only time I have had this bedroom fan drop off is during a couple extended power outages.

The other fan in our living room, near the hub, has never dropped.


Thanks for the reply! If the IKEA plug gets the job done, I think that’s the best option. It’s $10. I’ll make a trip to IKEA this evening and provide an update on whether it helped the situation.


Update: bought a couple IKEA TRADFRI Outlets a couple days ago and it has added stability to my connection. The fan has not disconnected yet. Hopefully continues to stay that way. Thanks for the tip!

(Aaron Sachs) #36

I just received the two Hampton Bay remotes got them wired up to my fans(Hampton Bay Vaurgases), confirmed the remotes work, but cannot for the life of me get the units to 1.) join Smartthings and 2.) reset.

I’ve tried doing what @Randeep_Malhi suggested:

But that doesn’t seem to work…at least the lights don’t blink to indicate any sort of reset. I’m kind of at my wit’s end, and I’m not even sure that I’m doing the reset correctly. I’ve tried using the wall switch to turn power on and off. I’ve tried using the remote to turn the power on and off, and I’m still not seeing a reset occur.

(MarkTr) #37

In my experience, if the controller hasn’t connected, you won’t get it to reset (because there’s nothing to reset) - so I would assume the controller is already in pairing mode.

Reset is done with the wall switch, not the remote.

Which app are you using to pair? If STSC, try the Classic app. While the app is in pairing mode, flip the wall switch off and back on to initiate pairing on the controller; I think it will time out if it doesn’t make a connection when it’s first turned on.

(Aaron Sachs) #38

I’m using classic to do pretty much everything still. Just tried leaving the hub unplugged with the light off, plugging back in and then pairing, but no dice. The zigbee plug I have in the room works just fine, fwiw.

(Aaron Sachs) #39

The only other thing that comes to mind is that the wink antenna isn’t outside of the canopy. Not sure if that would make a big difference.

(Dan) #40

If your canopy is metal, that will make a huge difference.

(Aaron Sachs) #41

Well, that did it. Pulled the antennas out of the canopies and boom. Paired like a charm. Guess who feels like an idiot? This guy (points at self).