Subscriptions not working?

Hi, I have an external API-only application I’ve been using to experiment with subscriptions. A few weeks ago I added a capability subscription for switch/switch with value ‘*’ and it was working great. Any time a switch turned on or off at my test location, I got a ping from the SmartThings server with the details of the event.

Picking it back up a few weeks later, the subscription I installed no longer seems to work. I tried deleting and resubscribing. Everything appears to go well – I get a subscription ID from the API call, etc. It looks like the subscription is in place. I just no longer get pushes from SmartThings when switch events occur.

Did something happen to this functionality recently?

Figured it out. I had changed the logging behavior on the server and wasn’t getting the confirmation link to finalize the target url for subscription events. Once that was available I was able to confirm the target url and receive events as expected.