Subscribe location not working all of the sudden

(joe) #1

I know there are several very long discussions about various problems on the platform so this may be a dump question. However, my code that has been working for a couple months now is no longer working for me:

def initialize() {
	log.debug "Initializing"
	subscribe(location, null, localLanHandler, [filterEvents:false])

def localLanHandler(evt) {
    log.debug "i am here"

Whenever I send a POST to my local hub i can see device types picking up on it but my smart app is not getting the txns any longer. Am I the only one? Maybe this code should have never worked? Maybe I should just wait and see if it starts working again tomorrow?


I also have this problem. I used:

def initialize() {
    subscribe(location, changeHandler)

and the handler is never called.