Stuck Presence device

I have a presence device that refuses to leave ST, it’s always “arrived”.
My son came home for the weekend and it was working fine. He has now left as his sensor never “went with him”. Problem is my Pistons use his location to make decisions.
I have tried to create piston to action him away like I can the other sensors but WebCore does not let me pick arrived or departed for his device (but does for all the others).
Any thoughts besides deleting the device? I can’t re-add it as it’s in a different town.

Has he actually left his phone there?

No, the ST presence sensor is in his car.
I’ve all but given up with the phone presence. Worked great under the old app for years. New app, I arrive 5 minutes after the door was supposed to open if I’m lucky.

That is curious. Neither of the stock handlers for the ST Arrival/Presence sensors include the arrived() or departed() setter commands.

It might be worth going into the IDE ( and doing an Edit + Update on the device, just in case that nudges a timer back into life, though how it can get stuck on present isn’t obvious.

I don’t like to encourage temporary switching of device handlers as you can pick up crud, but there is always the option of briefly switching the device to use the Simulated Presence Sensor handler in order to use ‘arrived()’ in webCoRE.

Yes I did an edit/update to a different presence sensor but that didn’t do anything.
I tried making it a simulated one today and wrote a piston against the departed() funtion and that worked! It’s now back to the proper DTH.
Good suggestion.