Stuck on checking status

Basically I have some devices from TP-Link (Kasa App) that work perfectly on the SmartThings phone app, when synced with Gear S3 it gets stuck on “Checking status”


Any idea how to work around this problem?
Thank you and sorry if it is on the wrong forum category.

Is the gear app using the new SmartThings app or Classic?

I installed it yesterday so I guess it should be the latest one.
It’s the version 1.4.41
Connected via bluetooth, wifi off.

Is the icon a single blue circle or 6 blue circles?

Yup, and what @jmlt8 is experiencing is the same thing I get. I just stopped using my watch app until ST gets to fixing things. The watch app doesn’t sync well. For example, the phone app and IDE shows I have 267 devices, which is right, but the watch says 265. Automations and Scenes are out of wack too. Performance is also horrible, which I attribute to the number of devices I have (even though I tell it to only sync about 10). For the most part I just use Alexa since that’s everywhere in the house, and when I’m not here I always have my mobile. Quite frankly I haven’t used the watch app for a very long time, and struggle for a use case for me.

as @johnconstantelo said, it’s the 6 circles. I have also tested opening the app with device disconnected, it shows disconnected but when I turn on it just bugs on the phone app and turns “checking status” on the watch.

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