Struggling with association groups

I like to control 5 shutters and one dimmer by a switch. Switch goes ON, light goes on, and shutters close. I like to set this up without a routine in the hub. I managed to add the NodeIDs of shutters and dimmer to Group 2 of the switch, which will send basic set 0xff to the nodes when switched ON (says so in the documentation).
Now, when setting the switch to ON, the dimmer does the job and turns on the light. But the shutters ignore me completely…
All devices from TechniSat. All drivers are community EDGE drivers.

Obviously I am overlooking something, being new to ST and such…. Any ideas are highly appreciated.


This most commonly occurs because you entered the device IDs in hex when they needed to be decimal, or the other way around. But that will depend on the specific edge driver you are using.

association information goes in the trigger device, not the target device

The second most common problem is that you entered the device IDs in the target device’s groups rather than in the trigger device.

For example, if you have a sensor and you want to use direct association to have it turn on a light, then you need to find the Light (target) device ID and put it in the association group of the sensor (trigger).

There are some other errors that can occur as well, but it all depends on the specifics of what you’re using. :thinking:

What is the brand and model number of the devices? And what edge driver are you using for them?

I guess I have trigger and target NOT mixed up - the trigger does switch on/off the light/dimmer (target). The dimmer’s NodeID I entered in hex in the appropiate association group of the trigger.
I did do similar for another target, a shutter. Acutally 5 shutters added to the same association group the dimmer is in. The trigger still sitches on/off the dimmer, but not the other targets (shutters) in the same association group. BTW the group is good for up to 10 NodeIDs…

trigger: a TechniSat Switch. Manual page 22 lists assoc details…
Driver: Z-Wave Switch from SmartThings Drivers (beta)

shutter: from TechniSat, too.
Driver: Z-Wave Window Treatment Mc

Docu of both devices is in German language, unfortunately. Happy to translate relevant parts if needed…

The English version of the manuals is available from the zwave alliance site, so that’s fine. :sunglasses:

I have a couple of thoughts, but since these are quite new devices, let’s start with the simplest: what security level did these join at? (Check all the devices.)

Zwave only allows direct association between devices at the same security level, so if the switch is joined at S0 and the shutter is joined at S2, the shutter will ignore commands sent from the switch.

I believe you will be able to see the security level in the API browser plus details screen.

SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All

I just took a shutter and a switch. Factory reset them, added to the network.
Both are S2.
Shutter NodeID is 0x43, switch 0x42.

Added 0x43 to association group 2 of the switch.

No success.