Strips by Sensative Z-Wave Plus Ultra Thin Door/Window Contact Sensor

Does anyone know if this new contact sensor will have ST integration? It looks to solve a lot of the space issues with current box sensors…

Did you try searching for other topics about the device? People are already using it.

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Looks like the 10% code might be dead. :frowning: I was trying to order some this morning and it wouldn’t take the code.

I think they said it expired at midnight last night.

Does anyone have these? Wondering how well they work.
Also, do you need a zwave plus repeater to use zwave plus advantages?
I don’t think I have any “plus” devices but I’m wondering if this will reach my mailbox.

I have 2. One on my detached garage side door and one on my patio door.
I have not had any issues with either.
I do not have a repeater they are connected directly to my hub.
As for will they work on your mailbox, how far away is it?
My furthest strip from my hub is only about 10 metres.