Stripped Screw on Philips Hue Switch -- Replacement?

Hi everyone!

My fiance is pretty impatient. So, when the battery in the switch that controlled our kitchen light died he used the wrong screwdriver to try and open it and stripped it. I have no idea what to buy to replace it and can’t find any info on it. Can anyone give any guidance here? I was going to get a “PC” pack of a few different screws but there’s so many sizes, types, lengths and widths that I can’t even be sure it would be in there.

Thanks for any help you can give!

I would start by asking Phillips support. It will save time if you give them the exact model number. :sunglasses:


I am ready to bet that the screws are metric if they screw into a metal bushing given Philips is based in the EU. However, I am not sure I understand which screw you are talking about… can you attach a picture?

It’s the tiny screw on the back that keeps the battery door on/closed. It’s tiny, but, for instance, not as small as glasses screws. I just have no idea what to use.

Wrote to Philips a couple of days ago and they haven’t responded.

I believe it is an M2 x 4mm screw. The “stem” was just under 4mm to be exact. I can’t verify for sure that it is metric but I would be very surprised if it were not.

I can’t tell from the picture but maybe a screw extractor like the one shown in #3 on this site would work but obviously you’d have to find a lilliputian version of this kit :wink:

The rubber band method might be your best bet if you find one thin enough. I would press down on the back where it says setup to minimize the pressure applied to the screw that may make it harder to unscrew.

Philips #00 screwdriver works. You should be able to find one in a precision driver set or eyeglass repair kit