Strip down device handler for Smartthings Multi Sensor

I only use my multisensors as contact sensors, I find the temp readings to be way “off” since they are installed on the door and the vibration serves no purpose in my automation.

Can I “strip down” the device handler to just have the contact (and maybe battery) functionality, and would it offer any efficiency or battery life benefits? I see the device logging a ton of temperature and other messages and thought this might be a way to keep them more efficient.

Thoughts? Thanks.

Well… Editing a DTH to remove functionality is pretty easy except:

  1. It will no longer execute locally in your Hub (applicable when used with the Smart Lighting and SHM SmartApps).

  2. To actually save on battery life, you have to modify the configure() method. Figuring out the right low-level parameters to put there to tell the Device to report less frequently is… a challenge. The ZigBee configuration API is pretty complicated.

It will be less efficient in term of processing speed as no longer execute at local

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