Streaming music on schedule?

Currently my SThub integrated with Echo dot, hue, lifx and xiaomi sensor, I am able to achieve some good automation with the above devices.Now i ordered harmony hub and my mission is to achieve schedule songs from pandora or spotify playlist to denon receiver.

is this possible with these devices combination (STHub,harmony,echo,denon with logitech BTadapter).

Thanks for suggestion

You can create a harmony activity to play music on your receiver using Pandora/Spotify playlist and then integrate with ST and/or use echo to voice control the activity.

Thanks for quick reply.

I am yet to keep my hands on harmony hub waiting for package, but tried to create activity in 650, but how to play music on receiver using pandora playlist.

I do not know what source you want to use for Pandora. If you have, say, a fire stick, harmony activity can imitate all your key presses and take you to the default station you want to pick.

Thanks dave for suggestion,

As i said, once received harmony, tried some options and able to achieve it partially, like my SThub will initiate harmony activity at specific time to switch on AVR/bluetooth adapter and change to Bluetooth mode, then after a minute echo will connect to bluetooth and start a routine of playing music from pandora, the only disadvantage here during music end time , STHub will send command to shutdown AVR/bluetooth adapter, but not the Echo, which needs to be stop manually.