Strange permissions issue with Channels endpoint

Consider 3 Edge channels.

  1. 86eae9a1-9201-4904-82b0-74e2a5191e5d
    This has been created by my personal account.
  2. 4c90f093-6972-4cce-a781-4aa23e22c513
    This has been created by my admin account.
  3. b1373fea-da9b-434b-b674-6694ce5d08cc
    This is a third party channel (it is the Production Beta channel).

If I use a PAT for my personal account and try to access those Channels via the /distchannels endpoint (e.g. /distchannels/b1373fea-da9b-434b-b674-6694ce5d08cc) I get the following results:

  1. Works fine.
  2. Gives a 403 error.
  3. Works fine.

Similarly if I use a PAT for my admin account I get the following results:

  1. Gives a 403 error.
  2. Works fine.
  3. Works fine.

So basically any one my accounts can get a channel they created and can get distant third-party channels, but they can’t access channels created by another of my accounts.

I find that rather bizarre. I would be happy for it to be correct behaviour if I knew why it was correct.

Anyone any thoughts? I’ll tag @nayelyz and @AlejandroPadilla as it is getting in my way now.

The penny has dropped.

I should have tried another account earlier as once I did it became crystal. The /distchannels endpoint only gives access to your own channels that you have created and ‘read-only’ third party channels that you have subscribed to at some point.

My test channels were both Harry Spankers and neither account had subscribed to them, whereas my personal account and admin account are both subscribed to the beta channel.

Suddenly it is obvious.