Strange performance - Network Adjustment

So, i installed Ethernet, put in a prosumer network device (UDMP), but really didn’t change anything with my Smartthings network/hub. The eventual next/future step is to put in unifi ap’s to vlan segment iot (Smartthings,Alexa, random wifi iot devices, etc.) from non-iot.

In my basic update (I’m still running a flat network), a number of my devices went offline, mostly being older inovelli switches. Again, not all my innovelli switches went offline. I did a zigbee refresh, but don’t see Z-Wave… (I thought there was a awake option in the old app?).

EDiT: I’ve also noticed things do trigger a little slower, which also could be a factor of the network analysis/ips running with the UDMP. I get this slowness, hopefully I can tune it more. This shouldn’t be the reason for the Z-Wave offline items.

Is all that I have power circuit resets, or remove/readd the device? Would updating firmware on these older devices help (buying that USB Z-Wave radio).

Disappointed since I had things running pretty smoothly for about 6 months…