Strange GUI bug in new SmartThings ( SmartApps

Discovered a really weird GUI bug in the new SmartThings ( running on my Android (7.1.2) media box. Configuration is clean, i.e. hub and devices recognized and everything reported as expected. The showstopper problem I’m having is that I can’t install the STHM because no SmartApps list is being shown. This is not due to a location or country setting.

I mean that exactly as it sounds, when I select SmartApps from either the menu or “+” from the dashboard nothing is displayed - I get a blank screen with just the left caret in the upper left corner. I discovered through some experimentation that there is some sort of GUI bug. If I page down several times I eventually see a “Speaker Companion” app. If I select that app, cancel, discard changes, and then page up several times I eventually see another app. If I keep repeating this sequence I can step through about 4-5 apps one per screen. At no time do all the apps appear as a list as they should. Unfortunately the STHM never gets displayed. So the app is aware of some of the SmartApps list elements, but for whatever reason doesn’t display it correctly as a list.

Yes, I’m running the app on a media box rather than a smartphone which means there’s no touchscreen, but that should not matter, the GUI should be agnostic in that regard. I tried 3 different mouse devices - the wifi remote for the media box, a usb wifi keyboard, and a wired keyboard. Same buggy behavior for all 3.

Has anyone encountered similar GUI issues and found a solution? Even if you found such GUI weirdness on a smartphone and found a solution I’d still be interested.

Thanks for responding, but you already asked me that in another thread. No Pihole. How would that even explain the symptoms I reported in this thread?