Strange Daemons in Migration from ADT/ST hub to Aeotec Hub - HELP!

Do I need to make an exorcism ?

1.- I followed all guides to shutdown my old ADT/ST Hub, I reseted it (power off, battery off, power it again and double press in both buttons, it was reset), It is not longer in New App BUT it is still in IDE interface.

2.- I deleted and excluded all devices before shutdown the ADT/hub, including the virtual ones, before that I deleted all automations and settings linked to devices (physycal and virtual) in Smartapps BUT one virtual device (a virtual button that controlled one scene) is deleted from New App BUT it is stills in IDE interface

3.- One scene is “half still” in New App, If I enter to scenes menu it seems there is no scene yet so here its okey because I deleted it, but if I enter to adjust the main dashboard, in “SCENES” dashboard is still, so seems it was half deleted.

Any thoughts with this devil child ?

The IDE has been behaving rather strangely for the last week. If you edit a device and change its name and then update it, the new name will instantly be visible via the SmartThings API but will not be changed in the IDE. So I don’t have a lot of confidence in what it is showing at the moment.

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  1. In my own experience Samsung support to me has been really poor, mostly useless.

  2. Delete and reinstall the app solved phantom scene, in fact there was a scene room, that appeared in Dashboard configuration, but it was not in rooms menu, in this room a “deleted” scene still appears. After reinstall New App, phantom room and phantom scene were deleted correctly and totally from New App.

3.- Phantom virtual button in IDE was finally deleted, when I checked that it was linked by Smarlighting app, but in Smartlighting App there was no any child app EXCEPT by a one named “Smartlighting App” that it was blank set. I deleted it and left it totally empty. After that I can delete the virtual button in IDE.YEEAHH

4.- Still do not know how totally blank old ADT/ST old hub from IDE (It is not present in New App).

Could you clarify this part? I don’t quite understand what you would like done, with more detail, maybe I can help get this sorted.

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I deleted ADT/ST hub following all guides I found. In new app is totally deleted but in IDE it still available in hubs Menu.

Do you receive a specific error when trying to delete in the IDE?

No error at all. But now the old ADT hub is deleted from IDE, maybe some process in the back end clean ADT/St hubs…

Yeah, we did go through last week and delete them all. This is probably what did it. Could you use some help on anything else?

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Thanks my friend. You did it a great job !..Now my new Aeotec/Smartthings hub is running nicely ! and New App and IDE is aligned and cleaned from old ADT/ST environment. Thanks for all your creativity and effort brother.