Stolen Skybell?

Anyone had this issue?

I just ordered 1 and was wondering if it’s a concern.

If it is, you should have a good picture of the crook that stole it .


Depends on where you live. It’s an issue with any outdoor camera. The thieves know they will have been captured on video before they can take the camera down but of course they could’ve obscured their faces.

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Yes that’s true…

As long as you bought it from an authorized retailer, skybell has a theft warranty

While theft is extremely unlikely (and has yet to happen with tens of thousands of customers), we still offer a theft replacement guarantee. If your SkyBell is stolen, we will replace it free of charge. To be eligible for our theft replacement guarantee you must have purchased your SkyBell from an authorized SkyBell reseller. You must also provide us with proof of purchase and a police report. Guarantee valid only in the continental United States. You will be billed $19.95 for shipping and handling.


I knew Ring offer the replacement but not Skybell.


Wow, just wow. What the hell was his reasoning for doing this?!

What a dumb person.

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