Stolen Christmas Lights--Prevention?

Last Christmas I had my new Christmas laser lights stolen. These were not the cheap as seen on TV lights. These were very expensive. This year I would like to have a siren go off if the lights are unplugged. I was thinking of two option to make this happen.

  1. Is there a z-wave load sensing product that if the lights are unplugged it would sense the load is gone and set off the siren?
  2. I thought of using the contact sensor. I would put the magnet on the power supply and the sensor on the tree. So if they pull the power supply it would trigger the siren. I don’t know if the contact sensors would work in cold weather.
    If anyone has done anything like this I would love to know your plan.

Use a smart outlet (verify load capacity) and have it inside the garage or somewhere safe with an extension cord going out. If there isn’t a load at all with them plugged in but off, throw a splitter in the power supply box if it’ll fit and plug something small in that does pull a load. Then set a notification that if power drops to 0, send sms or something.

We thought of this, but if the smart outlet is off then we are not pulling load. I really need the outlet to tell me if the lights become unplugged.

Daisy chained smart outlets, one is always on in the garage, the other you switch on when you want the lights on? It will draw a small amount of power (mounted with the lights power supply obviously,) or put it on a splitter as I suggested before…otherwise the contact sensor is a good idea. This is all assuming the thief doesn’t give it the once over before running off with it of course. Even if they do…you won’t be able to catch them, got any camera’s on them?

I have 4 Light-o-Rama controllers, I chain them to my deck posts, just for this reason. I have a security system, but if the camera’s can’t get a good shot of the thief, what good are they?

perfect. I’ll try that. Thanks I do not have cameras because I don’t think they care. They know you will never find them.