Still no way to unpublish a smart app?

I accidentally published an app that was not supposed to be published. It is a sub-app to Echo Speaks. A search came up with someone asking about unpublishing apps back in 2015 but nothing since then. I don’t really want to delete the whole program and start over, my set up is pretty extensive. Is there really no way to just simply unpublish a program?

There is no method for this, but I wouldn’t worry about it.
The only impact is that the child app will show up in list of apps you can install in the SmartApp section of the ST app (and probably won’t work if you install it directly).

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Seems to me that something as simple as an unpublish option should have been added to the IDE long ago.

Considering the Groovy IDE is going away someday soon, it’s not likely they’ll do anything about it.

If you want to “unpublish” copy all of the code, delete the SmartApp, then create a new app and paste the code back in, but do not click publish.