Still no luck with iPad to Frame 32

So maybe I’m missing something basic and obvious but how can I use the ST app to send photos from my iPad to Frame 32?
I have reset my router, uninstalled/reinstalled ST, unplugged/plugged in the TV, Signed out/in to my Samsung account, listened to Samsung help texts late into the night. Whew!
Nice young people but surely unable to solve the issue other than to mumble about the new update not friendly to IOS.
The first 2 weeks of owning this TV was fabulous! Sitting on my iPad and downloading Hi-Rez photos, editing them beautifully to 16 x 9 and bragging to all my friends.
Now here I sit in lockdown wistfully looking out the window wondering what the heck happened?
I think I’ll call Apple support just to hear those reassuring words that it’s all going to be fine .