Still don't get the point in modes

I might be repeating what others have said here to some extent, but here’s how I think of them:

Mode is a condition that the house is in. Mode is used to control whether some apps or functions run or not.

Routines are batch of specific commands to run at one moment in time.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you are a high powered executive and naturally you have a secretary. You setup certain things with him based on “modes.”

If the mode is away (That is, you’re NOT in the office) then he needs to answer you phone if it rings. He also needs to text you appointment reminders. But if the mode is here (That is, you ARE in the office) then he doesn’t answer your phone and instead of texting you appointment reminders he should physically see you to remind you in person.

His job is different depending on what “mode” you are in.

A routine is a specific set of things your secretary needs to do at a specific period of time. For example, when you walk in the door he needs to: Give you your mail and any messages, remind you of upcoming appointments, and then bring you a fresh cup of coffee.

At 11:30 he needs to come in to your office and ask you what you want to lunch.

At 5:00 pm he needs to shut down office equipment and turn out some of the lights.

These are all routines that get run at a specific point or condition in time. Note that some of these routines might not run either based on mode. For example, if your MODE was “out of the office” at 11:30, then his ROUTINE of coming in to ask for your lunch order would not run. But the 5:00pm routine of shutting down the office would run regardless of whether you were in the office or not at the time.

I dunno if that helps at all in the thinking process…


It’s def clearer. Thanks for that. I guess we can run routines or use apps like smart lighting to accomplish what we need to do too.

Routines are basically just a type of smartapp which is provided by SmartThings to cover what they consider the most typical use cases. They have a few special features, like the fact that you can set up a widget for them and that they show up in a special section of the mobile app.