STHM 'Useful features' Home security management

I made a rare visit to the STHM settings in the Android app yesterday. If you click on the settings cog icon to get the ‘Set up Home Monitor’ page and click through to ‘Security’ there is a ‘Useful features’ section that I don’t recall seeing before That allows you to set up ‘Home security management’ which will take action when everyone leaves (get a notification or set armed (away) mode) or anyone arrives (notification or set disarmed). There is also a section to select the members/devices that it considers.

Is that a recent thing or is it just that I only look at STHM settings about once or twice a year?

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I don’t recall seeing that before.

I think it’s fairly new. Unfortunately, it relies on ST Member location tracking which I find is quite unreliable on both our Android and iPhones.

Yes, that is rather unfortunate. I like the idea that the app should arm and disarm itself based on outside sensors/flags, but it needs to be my choice of sensors or other flags (like Location mode). Also it is incomplete without the armed (stay) mode. So not for me.

I certainly don’t understand why it is hidden away as it is, and ‘Useful features’ rather lacks conviction.

Yeah. I just created Routines to deal with it since I also use Location mode to trigger virtual presence that kicks off some Alexa automation as well.

I have 3 ‘Armed stay’ sensors, which cover all areas of the property, they work on movement and audio

Postman hates them … grrrrrr x 3

Another question since they’ve been giving the STHM some new features, have they changed some of the capabilities in the STHM to local execution instead of cloud? Because the devices that are used for triggering (like motion and multipurpose) and response (like sirens and lights) run locally now using Edge drivers. Only the notification response feature of the STHM is cloud based. The last time I tested the STHM, nothing happened when there was no internet connection. That’s why I’m using Automations with virtual devices since I can split it up so most of it runs local (sirens and lights), except for a cloud based notification Automation.

I haven’t tested letting STHM do its own thing, but one thing I know, if you try to change the security mode of STHM as an Action in a Routine or use it as a Trigger, that Routine will run in the cloud. Leads me to believe STHM is all cloud based, which make sense as there isn’t a capability to run apps on your hub today.

I might be wrong, but I thought I remember the smoke and leak portions of STHM working locally if all your devices were local. I haven’t pulled the internet plug and tried it, though.