STHM Hundreds of Notifications When Sensor Open

Curious if others are experiencing an issue with STHM. If a sensor is open when Armed Stay or Away is activated I get several hundred notifications for about 5 minutes stating that a sensor is open. I tried to count how many, but gave up at about 250. :woozy_face:This is on the android app. I like the notification, but the amount is insane! Any ideas on where to look for what would cause this?

How are you arming STHM? Could it be bouncing between an armed and unarmed state?


Good question. The latest time it happened was a time based automation at 11pm. If we are home, it will go to Armed Stay. With the warmer weather we still had the back door open. However, your question made me reevaluate my automations. I reviewed my automations, and I think I have a flaw with automations and virtual switches to display on SharpTools. Basically if status STHM changes status change the corresponding virtual switch. I also have automations if the virtual switch changes (if I arm it from SharpTools), then set STHM to the corresponding state. Therefore, I think you’re correct that it’s getting into a loop. Now to think how to adjust that. Appreciate the help!

Actually I shouldn’t have said bouncing between states, I really meant looping doing the same thing again and again.

If you are using the stock Virtual Switch device type, try using the Simulated Switch instead.

The salient difference between the two is that with the Virtual Switch all state events are propagated even if nothing has changed - it is sometimes described as being ‘stateless’. If you set it to on when it is already on that event will trigger interested apps.

With the Simulated Switch only state change events are propagated. So if you set it to on when it is already on nothing will get triggered as a result.

When you have Automations where setting the switch arms the alarm and arming the alarm sets the switch you need something to break the loop somewhere, and that might not be happening anywhere. Switching to Simulated Switch should give you that break.

You might still get two notifications though.


Thanks for the explanation between virtual and simulated switches! I’ve adjusted to simulated switches. I won’t be able to test for a bit, but appreciate the help.