STHM Disappeared and will not reinstall

While enabling the Virtual Creator I was forced to update to Version Now
my STHM is gone and attempts to reinstall presents "Connection failed - Try again Later.
SHTM still works properly on my wifes iphone — Opened a ticket with ST but three days and no
response :[

try uninstalling/reinstalling the ST app

YUP - that was the first thing I tried - Thanks

and you tried disabling Virtual Creator?

Just tried it - STHM actually window opened with a spinning wheel - just sat there spinning so I restarted
ST app and now back to “Try again later” when I try to install STHM – Thanks JKP - so close !!

doesn’t seem like you would need to reinstall STHM. try signing out/signing in and wait a few minutes to see if the previously installed version loads

Just restarted the APP again Home Monitor with a spinning wheel showed up again - going to let it spin for awhile !!

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Signed Out / In - Tried to configure STHM and got the “There was a problem connecting. Try again later” message again

what was the Virtual Creator?

vEdge Creator - ST app for creating edge compatible virtual switches and devices.

try rebooting your hub

Same Error - Thanks

last suggestion but extreme… remove STMH and add it back. of course that means you will need to redo all the settings again and any Routines that you may have used for it. You can certainly wait for ST support to respond.

to remove, go to the Life section, tap on the 3 dots in the upper right and select Delete then choose Home Monitor.

or others may be able to offer better suggestions for you.

Yes - tried that - Will wait for support - but thanks for your help -

BTW - a little background-

For the last couple years my installation has been rock solid -
Action Tiles on Wall mounted Samsung Tablet running on Fully Kiosk Browser -
Announcements made with WebCore and bluetooth speaker
40+ Devices controlled by Panel
Many lighting automations

So with the elimination of Groovy/Webcore I have lots of changes to make -
That is why I was installing the vEdge stuff

Thanks again for your help !!!


not sure what would have caused it to stop working on only your app. vEdge and app update shouldn’t have. With ST shutting down Groovy smartapps last week… could be something to do with it.

Are you the primary account holder? You also mentioned it still works on your wife’s iPhone. You could try removing it from her phone.

I would do that but if I break STHM on her phone I will no longer have any way to
Arm/Disarm the system !!!

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Incredible - I opened a ticket with support on Jan 13 and all I have heard from them are requests for
access and info I have already sent them multiple times. So frustrating …