STHM cannot disarm when arriving home

I arrive home with STHM set to arm away, the system should detect my phones prescence and disarm but rarely does usually informing me well after I enter the house. The last two days however have been a nightmare, I open the app and select disarm, immediately I get server error and my phone appears to have it’s wifi disabled. I have a Bitdefender box in my system and was wondering if this was blocking Smartthings does anyone have any experience of similar issues?


Whitelist and

See if that helps.

Unfortunately that doesn’t appear possible, the Bitdefender Central app only allows reported websites which it has blocked to be whitelisted there was nothing obvious in the list so the box may not be the issue.

You may want to contact bitdefender support if your wifi is being disabled and let them investigate the issue.

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Yeah I’ll open a ticket thanks for the help much appreciated.

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Just in case anyone has the same issue, it was the Bitdefender box blocking it. Their customer service were very helpful. The solution was to add four port forwarding rules within the Bitdefender app and one DNS server. A bonus is the system disarms based on location again.

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