STHM additional notifications for open/close multisensors

I have a multisensor on a window. I open this window at night during the summertime so that I can get some fresh cool air during the nighttime. I have the STHM Armed Stay setup for this sensor unchecked to ignore this sensor. However, when I put the STHM in Armed Stay mode, besides getting my normal Armed (Stay) notification, I’m also getting another notification about the sensor being open even though I don’t have it selected to be included in the STHM Armed Stay setup. I can’t find anywhere to disable this notification.

I don’t mind getting a notification like this ‘once’ as a reminder nudge after I’ve added a new multisensor to SmartThings and didn’t add it to the STHM setup. But, to get this additional notification ‘every time’ is just ANNOYING for a sensor that I’ve unselected in the STHM Armed Stay setup.

Do you use it in your armed away setup? For some reason it seems to alert to any open sensor used in either armed mode.

I have the same annoying bug, sensors used in Armed Away STHM mode are getting reminders of being open when Armed Stay STHM mode is activated (the sensors are only included in the Away STHM mode).