Steps to migrate schlage connect lock


I am planning to migrate 2 schlage connect locks from Wink 2 to ST v2. Never did that before and I am not sure where to start. If you have done that type of migration I will appreciate if you share the steps. For instances,

  • if/what i need to do on wink 2 to remove/unpair/unenroll the lock and how
  • reset is needed after?
  • what to do in ST after?

Much thx!

you will need to z wave exclude the lock - you can do that with the wink hub or the ST hub. You will need the 6 digit code that is on the lock instructions that came with it.

These locks are tricky to pair - if you don’t have a great mesh - you might want to to drag your hub with an ethernet cable close to the lock for excluding/including. Or if you have a minimote that is another option.

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