StelPro Thermostat fallen offline, remote re-add?

Loaded title question I know, but subsequent to an electrician working in the panel of a remote rental property one of my StelPro STZW402 Z-Wave thermostats stopped communicating back with my ST hub and is now marked as offline. I suspect this will require a forced exclude + re-add process, but I’d like to understand if there is any way I could have someone locally trigger the Z-Wave include trigger on the thermostat while I trigger the option to add a new device from the SmartThings app?

In other words, is the app itself on my phone looking for devices on my local network or is the ST app new device add simply telling the hub to go looking for a new device?

I’ve always assumed I have to be physically present to add a new device given assumptions around SmartThings app asking for access to my local network, but perhaps I’m misunderstanding this and there’s a way to have a two person local + remote workflow be used.

Thanks for clarifying my naïveté on SmartThings / Z-Wave include commands.