Stelpro releases the first Z-Wave Plus Line-Voltage thermostat: the STZW402+ Stelpro Ki Thermostat

Great news. I updated the device handler and added the app on my end. Will need a few days to see how it works for me.

Recently it has actually gotten a bit better on it’s own. Temperature readings were available 75% of the time I checked. I don’t know what changed.

Weekend report. 100% of the time that I checked it had the external temperature over 3 days. That is better than it has ever been before.

The only impact that I have seen is an event in the log every 15 minutes. That just shows me it is working so I see it as a non-issue.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Yes, the 15 minutes event is due to the SmartApp fetching the outdoor temperature at this frequency.
If you want to have less runtime event, you may change the frequency in the SmartApp to whatever fits your need.

Thanks a lot
That fixed my google home command to change the temperature :+1:


With the smartthings app now being migrated to the samsung connect app, will there be an updated device handler for compatibility?

We are currently in touch with SmartThings regarding that very issue.
According to them, things should work just fine with the new app.

I see the thermostat, but clicking it just gives an error about not being able to connect. No sub menu where i can set the temp or settings or anything.

Hi @PhAzE, my recommandation would be to use the SmartThings Classic app until an official WWST (Works With SmartThings) certification is issued.

Hey J-F,

it’s been a while. I like the new handler. Works really well.
I do have a question though, is there a way to change the icon of the device in Smartthings. Usually we can do it through settings, but I don’t see it.

Hi Paul,

Good to hear you like the new version.
There is no way to currently change the icon of the device.
Do you have an example of what you are requesting?

Have a good day!

Lots of info to read so i need to ask

So i wanna buy 10 of those for my home.
I also use Webcore

So i suppose I can easily do

If away and Date is between this and this, set the temperature to this?

Also how would it work if i want to know the external temperature so i can program something liek thus


If outside temperature is between -20 and -3 and mode is away rise the Bathroom to 20 degreed C


Hi Gyslain,

On my side, I cannot offer any help, I’m not familiar with Webcore.

Hey J-F,

I don’t have a set preference, but anything would be better than what we have now, which is a gray circle.



My question was more: can you point me to a device handler where this can be done?

That way, I will be able to clearly understand what you would expect.

I can change the icon with my RGB controller from Eric Maycock (erocm123)

You can find it here:

Hi Paul,

It’s done!
You may check the updated version in github.

Wow, that was fast. And it works perfectly.


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Small problem.

If i change the set point in Smartthings app, the thermostat will receive the change, but not smartthings display.

Exemple. My set point is currently 15 Degree, I go in smartthings chose my thermostat and lower then setpoint to 14.

The thermostat will receive the change, but Smartthings will still show setpoint at 15, until i either close and reopen the app, or ‘leave that thing’ and retun into it.

Even if i press the refresh arrow it doesn’t work


What device are you using? (tablet or phone?, Android or Apple?)

The refresh arrow is not specific to the refresh of the display, but to force the gathering of the info from the thermostat. The control of the interface is not really available for the developers.

Iphone 6s is the phone i have