Stelpro releases the first Z-Wave Plus Line-Voltage thermostat: the STZW402+ Stelpro Ki Thermostat


This is normal.
The Stelpro thermostat has a heat cycle of 15 seconds.
Therefore, the heating element is turned On and Off many times per minute.

If you do not wish to have these notifications in the “Recently” tab log, go into the thermostat settings in the SmartThings device handler and select “No” in the field: “Do you want a detailed operating state notification?”


Just what I needed to know. Thanks!

Does any one out there know how to disable the built in temperature sensor on they Stelpro Ki Line Voltage thermostat and use a remote sensor such as the Samsung or Aeotec sensor instead?

What do you mean exactly?

If you wish to have the Stelpro Ki thermostat not to use the embedded temperature sensor and use a remote sensor to control your room, then you can’t.
This thermostat is aimed to be installed in the controlled room, there is no option to switch it to a remote sensor.

If you are talking about the outdoor temperature weather station embedded in the Stelpro device handler, then if you do not wish to use it, just remove your zipcode.

Thanks for the reply. The first scenario your described is what I was trying to accomplish. I want the temperature in the room to be sensed by a remote sensor, not the outdoor temperature. I also have an Ecobee thermostat that I can disable the sensor on the base unit and have it controlled only by the remote sensor, the problem is I haven’t found one that is a line-voltage version that works in that way.

Not sure if this will work with the stelpro but I use his apps for other things and they work great.

thermostat smart app with remote temp sensor

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It sounds like there is an official update waiting to be approved by SmartThings that will fix the interface bugs as well as integration with other devices. The default device handler wasn’t working with Google Home. I didn’t want to wait for the official update to come, and I also wanted to change the interface a bit to simplify things. If anyone is interested I’ve published the code here:

@Jrfarrar this should also fix your issue. :slight_smile:



@JCon Thank you!

This is working great…more on their way now!

This definitely solved my problem with programming the Stelpro… thanks so much!

I go the STZB402+ (zigbee version) as it supports fan forced heaters. Has anyone written a handler for the zigbee version?

according to their page the STZB402+ does not support fan heaters?

“not compatible with forced-air units”

This is mistake on our website, I will report it.
The STZB402+ (ZigBee version) IS compatible with fan-forced heater.

Stelpro did wrote a device handler for its ZigBee thermostat, but it’s STILL under review by SmartThings since at least this summer.

Can Stelpro at least publish it on Github so that customers who have already bought the zigbee version can start using it?

Usually we don’t publish our code

I will speak with our rep to see if Stelpro wishes to make the code public or not.

We might also share to code on “per request” basis.

I will keep you updated on this once I have news.

@gouroufui - Thank you! I got 4 of these thermostats to control my 4 heaters. It was a bummer to find that the device handlers weren’t available. I already have them installed so even returning them is going to be a lot of grief and extra work…

Stelpro decided to publish its device handler on Github since SmartThings publication process takes too long.

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Thank you so much!! I just loaded the handler and the thermostat is working flawlessly!

Thanks again!

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@gouroufui NOW THAT is customer service!

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For those who are using the Z-Wave version of the Stelpro Ki Thermostat, here is the updated device handler, now available on Github: