Stelpro Maestro SMT402 unable to adjust temperature in SmartThings after Controller v. 2.1.19-7

Just a bit of update:

I do have a Support ticket open for this issue. Support updated me again yesterday that they are investigating and will update me when they have more.

Same problem here and had the same problem with Sinopé.
Until the problem is solved, I went to the SamrtThings IDE and edited my device type and changed it to Zigbee Thermostat.
It works as a temporary solution.


Thanks @RK_B, that worked! Except I chose the generic “Z-Wave Thermostat”. I will pass on the information to StelPro in Quebec.

Yes, good Idea.
Let’s hope that Samsung will fix the problem. Something is sure, the issue revolve around the device Handler

Same issue. “Update” took away ability to continue temperature. Stelpro Ki x 5. Thx

We have Stelpro Ki baseboard heater thermostats controlled through the Smartthings App on an apple device. The temperature control no longer appears on the app though we can see the thermostats, their temperature, history etc…
I assume this is the same issue that you are having with the Maestro. I have sent an email to Samsung, but if anyone gets an update on this issue please post here so we all know.



Occurring with Qubino thermostats as well! So annoying. Thankfully the automation is still working.

As an iOS workaround I downloaded the Smartthings Classic app and was able to edit the temperature of my Stelpro Ki.

Came here to report the same problem, and see others are also affected. I have Sinope zigbee thermostats. I can still adjust the temperature in Google Home app, but would like to have this working in SmartThings. Come on, Samsung!!!

Can you make the classic app stop asking you to change apps every 30 seconds? (Also thanks for the workaround!)

Here’s an update on my Case with Samsung Support:

Hi Todd,

Thank you for your patience and efforts while we work on this

We are writing back to you regarding your query as you were unable to adjust the temperature for your Thermostats , I would like to inform you that this is a known issue we are presently investigating and working to resolve, where heat-only thermostats are not providing the correct options within the device plug-in. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this has caused.

As a workaround while we continue to work on resolving this, Scenes and Automations can still be used to control these devices.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help out in the meantime.

Stay safe, take care!