‘Stays this status for how long’. Will it ever be local?

Just wondering if there’s like a roadmap or something as to when ST decide to implement things.
I really want the ability to have this option run locally when no motion on a motion sensor happens.

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It’s is already local

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I see a few folk have said this. I’m certainly not getting it local

Android or iOS

I just created a test one under iOS with no problem so ignore the question

can we see a copy of your routine?

Here’s a copy of 1 of mine that is local.

With a simple rule like that, both of your devices involved need to be local with Zwave/Zigbee with Edge or local (aka built-in) DTH drivers. Neither can be cloud DTH or cloud-to-cloud (most wifi) devices. And both need to be on the same hub (most people don’t have multiple hubs, but its worth pointing out.)

I bet you’ll find that one or both are not local. You can check the IDE or use the Edge CLI to see.

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They are 100% local mate.

What model hub? What are the devices specifically? Never heard of JIMAX.

JIMAX is my cinema room.
I have the V2 hub.

Like I said. They are local mate. Here’s the same automation but without the ‘no motion for xxx amount of time’

I love it!

I too have V2 hubs. I duplicated your same rule with and without the “for XX minutes” on local devices and it always stayed local. Perhaps a difference in region?

Must be a region thing because I’ve seen others say it works local too, others say it doesn’t. Bizarre.

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it WAS local. something must have been wrong with it, because it is no longer.

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Seems it still is for some.

it may not be if they edit the routine with a slight change and save…

Ah yes. Possibly.
I swear I did a test one the other day and it came up as local, then came back out, tinkered with it and it wasn’t local. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: