- total hokum

Have you actually gotten that feature to work?

Apologized? I’d like a link to that.

I hate having a system that I can no longer trust because someone thought it would be great to unleash the disaster that is V2 on the world before it was anything like ready. I have no problem whatsoever with users blasting ST. They’ve earned it with interest.

I’ve screwed up before, but if I treated my customers like ST has treated us I’d be looking for another job.

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I think we should expect some negativity. This is a negative situation. As lots of people have said, the reliability of ST is just not there. Like I previously stated, it was 90-95% working before, a statistic that would not be acceptable at any company that cared about their customers. They then went to market with V2 for business reasons without considering the technical fact that they weren’t ready. Now its more like 60-70%. People are having huge problems with V2, people that decided to wait like myself are also having huge problems with V1 caused by changes needed by V2. This is not progress, this is called regression. As many people have stated before, be up front about it. Say something like, V2 isn’t ready, but we need to get it out before this external event. We are going to break a lot of stuff that works for you now, but trust us, its in the name of progress.

Problem of course is this pesky word trust. Nobody trusts them because they have not been trustworthy. The truth would of course sink them, unfortunately without Samsungs money I don’t really see how they would be surviving in this environment anyway. I am sure that somebody with a Samsung fridge is happy they are spending all this time so that they can see who is at the front door on the refridgerator door screen, but the people that made ST what it is are being hosed in the process. This is all very negative.


For the last time, I’m not saying that people aren’t allowed to be negative, that’s absolutely not what I said at all. What I take issue with is sweeping unfounded and unfair statements like this:

The specifics being the part I marked in bold. Be negative, go nuts, hell I’ve told ST things that are broken for me (still zero regrets moving from Wink hub. ZERO), all I would personally like to see (which is happening for the most part) is that people gain some perspective, be respectful in their statements and don’t spread rubbish.


I have to agree also. I bought Hub 1.0 and I was 90% happy. Then Hub 2.0 & the update to the app was released and the difference is glaring. I used to brag to family members about my automatic house. Now I talk about anything but, because I’m still waiting on ST to be fixed. yikes.