- total hokum

So at the moment the following things are 100% broken for me:

  1. Can’t add another user
  2. Can’t use IFTTT (or any other 3rd party service) because of broken OAuth in the UK
  3. All my scheduled routines will run only one time after they’ve been created.

I understand that ST are going through some major issues, I am even happy to wait for you guys to fix them. But admit it on
Nah, it is all green there. Everything’s perfect.


I have to say UK users are way more patient then I. Even some of the Valid US complaints luckily don’t affect me.

No way would I trust a company that makes all kinds of promises and then when you purchase you find out the truth, reminds me of politics.

I’m sure they are working hard to fix the problem, however why release a product that you knew would be so problematic/incomplete/broken? IF they didn’t know, then someone failed big time during testing.

I love ST, but the state of it over the last 6 to 9 months has made me shy away from offering it to my customers or recommending it to friends.


I think you are confusing “the system” with features. is like the check engine light on your car. If that light comes on or the status is not green, there is a very serious issue.

Adding users or IFTTT is like your car radio or AC. If those stop working it won’t cause you check engine light to come even though its really annoying to go with out what is now considered basic functionality.

I’ll admit the scheduler issues are a bit of a grey area, All i can tell you is that it is actively being worked on…

I know the solution for one of the issues causing the scheduler to act flakey is currently being rolled out. Adding users is currently being tested internally by ST and the OAUTH issue is very complex, but has to be resolved soon because it is also preventing growth in the US and thus is actively being work on as well.

I know none of this is what you want to hear, but i hope it provides better clarity into whats going on.

Actually, the Status page has plenty of sub-sections, so, by analogy, it is definitely set up for and appropriate to list partial outages like yesterday’s OAuth break (like “low fuel”, or “high engine temperature” lights).


Ditto dude, kind of looks like ST is going down the windows 10 path of using early adopters to flush out the bugs.

I just wanted to chime in to show my appreciation for the term hokum. :slight_smile:

I just tried to add another user last night to see if they had flipped the switch and nope.

I really can’t believe that we had that feature here in the US and then they took it away, very un home automation…


“Kind of”??? :neutral_face:

Dude… It’s called MVP (minimum viable product) and it’s definitely what SmartThings is doing!


Especially the past couple of weeks. I was feeling pretty good about ST (over a year of use, over 150 ‘things’) and then about 1-2 months ago (probably related to release of V2 hub) the S has hit the fan. I haven’t bought a V2 hub yet and maybe ST is pulling an Apple and making it so unbearable to not buy a V2 that you eventually just do it. Regular programs that were running fine work maybe 60% of the time. I had gotten very comfortable with the 90-95% success rate of apps firing for example.

It makes no sense for us to just keep complaining, so typically I just live with the fact that this is a toy and it works some of the time. The past 2-4 weeks has been brutal. My wife is at the end of her rope. I don’t blame her. The latest is that Jasco switches that have been installed for over a year just magically get disconnected. I have had to relink about 10 in the past week. I typically have 3-5 apps on each one, so I have to go through the pain of removing all the apps one by one, then excluding, then adding back. At some point we have only ourselves to blame. Things haven’t changed since day one, well, they have gotten much worse. :frowning:


I don’t mean to take away from your complaint, but for future reference, you can use the “Replace” button instead of “Remove” which will allow you to pair it back up “in place” of the old one, so you don’t have to touch the SmartApps.


I wish. The replace feature has never worked for me, not once. It either says the device is healthy, despite not being controllable in the app, or it says checking device health forever. If I am doing something wrong, I am all ears. Maybe I just don’t know what I am doing?

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You will appreciate my feelings this morning after more things stopped working right: On Leaving SmartThings - An Essay


I really don’t understand why people are still moaning about the multiple users issue. Just log in to that person’s phone with your one account for now, it works perfectly fine.

Annoying? A little, but the drama about it is just too funny.

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I wouldn’t be moaning if it hadn’t existed already. Automation systems are meant to be configured and just work until they’re outdated. Not just removed from all customers at the whim of the developer.

If I behaved like this professionally, I wouldn’t have any customers left. Granted we are paying less but the scale is smaller the expectation of an automation system is that it just works.

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This kind of phrasing makes it sound like ST had malicious intent with regards to removing the additional user feature which you know full well isn’t true. It’s not like they just decided “well those annoying customers don’t deserve this feature anymore, let’s pull it and watch the fun on the forums!”…

You want this feature back, I want this feature back, ST wants this feature back. They’ve apologised, they’ve given us a rough overview of what the cause is which is perfectly acceptable as giving any more could be a security/platform risk and they have informed us that they are working on it with their highest priority.

Now some people (incorrectly) believe that ‘highest priority’ = 1 day fix. Obviously it’s taking longer than that but it doesn’t mean it’s not their highest priority and harping on about it won’t make it happen any faster.

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Correct in regards to multiple users, sure, but SmartThings definitely pulled the Solution Dashboards “maliciously”, many with no immediate replacement.

I agree with @keithcroshaw: Deprecated working functionality should remain until fully replaced and a grace period for conversions is customary.


I’m sure you know that sometimes maintaining deprecated functionality isn’t possible without stopping/hindering new functionality due to dependencies, sometimes you just have to cut things off and start new.

I wish I could just fix things for ST and make everyone happy again, I hate seeing the forum like this.

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I wrote a long reply then deleted it, in summary, I never hinted at anything malicious, just really bad decisions have been made and now I too am in the torch and pitchfork crowd.

Bottom Line:
When things work they should be left alone.

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[quote=“keithcroshaw, post:17, topic:28083, full:true”]
I wrote a long reply then deleted it, in summary, I never hinted at anything malicious, just really bad decisions have been made and now I too am in the torch and pitchfork crowd. [/quote]

Whether or not it was your intention to hint or not, you’ve made a statement on a public forum that is readable by everyone of which some might take it that way incorrectly.

And make no progress? If a company stays stagnant and doesn’t develop anything new, they’ll fail even worse than what is happening now.

They took a gamble, it partially paid off, they’ll live through it and be bigger than ever provided they can pick up the pieces and fix some bridges.

Note that, a LOT of companies do this…

And you think I care that ST perceives my post as negative? That’s kind of the nature of the topic and my post so go figure. This is getting a bit out of hand so this will be my last post in the topic.

People in a forum express their opinions, share, collaborate. A forum is not a place for censoring yourself because you feel that someone may not like your tone. I will not edit my post, I will not delete my post, how you perceive my post is up to you.


No, that’s not what I said at all, you completely read what I said wrong.