Status message displays device name along with the status message

having a funky issue here, whenever i change width to 6 for the status message in the below section of the code for the DTH below.

instead of displaying the status message across the width of the screen (first image) it displays the name of the device on the left and the status message on the right wrapped and truncated (second image):


any clues on why this may be?

thank you.

		standardTile("occupancy", "device.occupancy", width: 4, height: 4, inactiveLabel: true, canChangeBackground: true)		{
			state "occupied", label: 'Occupied', icon:"st.Health & Wellness.health12", backgroundColor:"#90af89"
			state "checking", label: 'Checking', icon:"st.Health & Wellness.health9", backgroundColor:"#616969"
			state "vacant", label: 'Vacant', icon:"st.Home.home18", backgroundColor:"#32b399"
			state "donotdisturb", label: 'Do Not Disturb', icon:"st.Seasonal Winter.seasonal-winter-011", backgroundColor:"#009cb2"
			state "reserved", label: 'Reserved', icon:"st.Office.office7", backgroundColor:"#ccac00"
			state "asleep", label: 'Asleep', icon:"st.Bedroom.bedroom2", backgroundColor:"#6879af"
			state "locked", label: 'Locked', icon:"st.locks.lock.locked", backgroundColor:"#c079a3"
			state "engaged", label: 'Engaged', icon:"st.locks.lock.unlocked", backgroundColor:"#ff6666"
			state "kaput", label: 'Kaput', icon:"st.Outdoor.outdoor18", backgroundColor:"#95623d"
		valueTile("status", "device.status", inactiveLabel: false, width: 5, height: 1, decoration: "flat", wordWrap: false)	{
			state "status", label:'${currentValue}', backgroundColor:"#ffffff", defaultState: false

You can’t have a tile with 6x1 dimensions. It seems as though 6x1 is reserved for the Rooms and Things view.

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thank you, that certainly clears it up.

is there any additional information available for this 6x1 tile and what kind of properties it supports?

No problem. There’s some developer documentation out there, but it’s not too useful IMHO.

The one thing you’ll find with the 6x1 tile is whatever you have defined in “main”, like this (even though this is 1X1 tile):

    valueTile("temperature2", "device.temperature", width: 1, height: 1, canChangeIcon: true) {
        state "temperature", label: '${currentValue}°', icon:""

main ([“temperature2”])


is the value that shows up on the right side, and the icon to the left.


got it. wish it were a little more flexible than that.

thank you.

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