Stateless Virtual Switches

I am using virtual switches to execute a number of Macros from HAM Bridge (in this case powering up & down various A/V systems). The problem is that if a system has been turned OFF by any manner other than the virtual switch, the switches state is still on, and additional ON commands are ignored.

Now I thought that setting filterEvents: false on the event subscriptions prevented this, and it does on my physical switches, but it is not with the virtual switches (or it was and it is no longer and I just noticed).

I know I can use two momentary tiles (one for on; another for off), but since these commands are being sent from an Amazon Echo I really want just one device name… “Alexa, Media System On”; “Alexa, Media System Off”.

Any bright ideas?

in the virtual switch, add isStateChange: true to the send event method.

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Hmmm… Can’t seem to access the device type in the IDE (but can others).


Does anyone have it already and can post it?

Just helped someone with a similar issue here: State agnostic simulated switch?

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