Stateless Fanspeed Button

We are connecting device to SmartThings using Cloud Connector.
There is no problem until device control after discovery.
The UI of the SmartThings app is output differently than intended.

My device profile have Stateless Power Toggle Button and Stateless Fanspeed Button Capabilities.
The Stateless Power Toggle Button is visible and pushable in the SmartThings app controls tab.
But Stateless Fanspeed Button is not visible in the SmartThings app controls tab and cannot be pushed.
Two Capabilities are visible when setting up device control in the Routine tab.

Do I need to do more to make the Stateless Fanspeed Button show up in the controls tab?

Hi, @Jaesung. Most of the stateless capabilities don’t appear in the SmartThings app, this is already reported. However, there’s no ETA on the fix, this is why those are not included in the capabilities reference:

I suggest you check if you can use another capability, or if you won’t certificate your integration, you can use a custom capability.