State update delay for different brands?


In one house, i installed a fibaro smart module fgs-224 and when i change the state with the physical toggle swtich, the status gets updated immediately.

On another house, i have an aeotec nano switch zw116. This one takes about 2-3 seconds to update the state.

They are both about a meter away from the hub. Is there a difference jn hardware of the brands that makes one update state instantly vs a delay? Or can there be another reason. As far as i checked from zwave neighbor mapping, they both connect to the hub directly

How did you do zwave neighbor mapping?

Those two models use the same Z wave chip, so I don’t think it’s likely simply a hardware difference. However, the Aeotec is an energy monitoring device and fibaro is not, and sometimes collecting the additional report does add a little lag.

More often, though, it’s just local conditions. Under the independent third-party Z wave standard, anything up to two seconds is considered normal response time. :man_shrugging:t2:

Also, any chance that the Wi-Fi is different at the two locations? The reports in the app all have to go through the smartthings cloud, so that can be another factor.


There is nothing connected to live out of the aeotec to report the energy on. Therefore it is always zero. Does that still use the zwave bandwidth?

Yes wifi is different

It can still slow it down a bit because it still does the calculation to see if it’s changed. But it’s not usually a noticeable issue. :thinking:

By the way i have a locally run automation that is using the physical toggle status as trigger. Does that still run after updating the status on the cloud?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question. :thinking:

This is what you said. If i were to create a locally run automation based in the state change by the physical toggle, does it still go to the cloud before running the actions?

I basically connected the switch to a wall plug that is also very close. The wall plug part works fast. It is the switch status update that slows it down

Sorry for any confusion – – I never said that the message has to go through the cloud BEFORE running the actions. Those are two separate processes. If the routine is local, it will run on the hub. But meanwhile, the hub also has to communicate to the smartthings cloud via Internet before the state in the app will be updated.

This is why if your Internet goes out, the app may be out of sync with multiple devices if their states change locally before the app can be informed.