State and atomicState broken in preferences of a SmartApp

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From an earlier thread I had posted here Bug in Parent Child Devices

There is one thing still broken with state and atomicState.

When some data is saved in state/atomicState in the preferences section, that data isn’t committed/saved to the DB so when initialize() runs that data is missing. That’s still a problem with parent child device like the blink camera or MyQ handlers. This is because it authenticates with the server and saves the authentication token in the state/atomicState when the user is configuring the SmartApp. When initialize() run that data is missing to it ends up authentication over again leaving the server with an “extra” login token which is never closed out (logged out).

Anyways, the point being this is still an open bug and would be nice to have it resolved. I’m assuming the scope of state / atomicState is global which should include the preferences block.

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We have made a change in production configuration and are monitoring the load on the platform. Can you please re-test your cases and report back? Thanks, Kyle

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Yes this bug not appears to be fixed for both state and atomicState