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Starting from zero - SmartThings and Fibaro RGBW


Hey guys,
Im hoping someone can help me here:

Ive tried wiring up some LED’s to use in a cupboard, but im getting no joy getting these things to turn on…
Ive taken a 12v adapter and cut the end of to expose the wire:
Put the red to the 12v on the Fibaro RBGW
Put the black to the GND on the Fibaro RBGW

At this point I paired the Fibaro RGBW to Smartthings. Paired first time no problem. I left the handler as the default. Unplugged the unit and started wiring the RGBW LED to the unit.

Ive then take the LED and stripped the connectors off to expose the wire
Red from LED to R on Fibaro RGBW
Green from LED to G on Fibaro RGBW
Blue from LED to B on Fibaro RGBW
White from LED to W on Fibaro RGBW

Plugged the unit in, but no lights come on. Ive looked in Live logging and it shows that smartthings is sending the commands, but nothing happens. Ive tried changing the handler to Codersaurs and still nothing. Using Codersaurs I cant even get it to register as going on… it just says “Turning on” and it never actually goes to “ON”

Ive tried plugging either end of the RGBW strip in and both give the same result.

Heres a pic of the wiring:

Any ideas?
@RobinWinbourne @zcapr17

(Borristhecat) #82

How many cores do you have on your strip if it is only 4 you only have RGB so the white needs too go to ground


@borristhecat thanks, Ive tried moving white to gnd (bridged with the black from the 12v adapter.

No luck im afraid…

Power reporting is constantly saying 0w. Should it be that? I have a horrible feeling the Fibaro unit is dead.
I manged to pair it, but when I try exclude it, it cant be found…

(Robin) #84

White should be going to 12v not ground.


@RobinWinbourne as always you are a scholar, worked perfectly!

(Borristhecat) #86

Yes your right it’s the - that’s switched rather than the positive (which is just odd).

(Robin) #87

yep… caught me out many a time lol

(Robin) #88

great… enjoy!

(Alec) #89

Hi Robin,

I just picked up the Fibaro and have got it all wired and working. The ‘official’ DH published by Fibaro doesn’t work for me for some reason, so I’m using the beta version from twack.

Curious if you’re still using the Fibaro and have any thoughts on which DH is “best” to use. I have all my automations running through webcore but it doesn’t seem to support things like ‘fade to level’; merely changing levels and colors.