Starting from Scratch - Which switch technology? (2022)

@JDRoberts – great advice here as usual. Awesome read.

I’m doing some reno and adding about 20 dimmers (mostly) and switches. My house is all ZWave/ZWave Plus, except for a few LED strip controllers and color bulbs (which I don’t rely heavily on or otherwise care too much if they’re wonky) on Zigbee.

I’ve always preferred to stay away from Zigbee because it uses a crowded frequency, and only went Zigbee if I didn’t like the choices in ZWave. I still hate having 2 different technologies in use at the same time, but the good news is that it all seems to work happily.

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BTW @JDRoberts do you have a recommendation on pairing a dimmer with LED recessed lights – I’m planning to use these RAB brand Field-Adjustable Edgelit Wafers - RAB Lighting which seems to be a quality brand that most suppliers and electricians in my area recommend (and their HQ is just a few miles from my house so I figure if they burn/flake out early I can flame-on to the manufacturer directly lol). Looking basically for a dimmer that works without flicker throughout the dimmable range.

Just a note, I’m trying to stay away from the automation-specific brands that electricians/supply houses have not heard of – if I have problems my guy will say why did you buy an off-brand, and I’m getting them installed as part of the reno contract. I’d rather he install and be confident with a common supply house brand.

I like the GE/Jasco Enbrighten 46203 because of its Edge support and there’s a beta driver that supports the tap controls. Second choice is the Leviton DZ6HD - I have a number of ZW+ plug in devices from Leviton and they’ve never given me a lick of trouble (although some of my ZW Jasco early models have flaked), and they have a slave dimmer which is cool - but lacking the button taps. Eaton seems to have a newer model, and a slave dimmer, but their switch is non-traditional (tap on/off) and I’m not convinced about their home automation prowess as a manufacturer.

Eaton has been a top flight lighting company for decades. They bought Cooper about 15 years ago, I think. So the models are the Aspire line from Cooper Industries, a division of Eaton. Eaton is a manufacturing company founded in 1911, and now has more than 80,000 employees in over 150 countries. And several thousand patents. So anybody in the industry has heard of them, although they may not be as familiar with the Cooper name. But while I like their devices and would probably choose them myself for Z wave if they fit my budget, I agree there are lots of other good choices now. And Cooper does have a unique style which not everybody likes aesthetically. But as far as their home automation prowess as a manufacturer, I would take them over Jasco myself. But that’s just from an engineering standpoint.

Either Leviton or GE sounds like a good choice for your situation. as far as compatible dumb bulbs, Leviton should have a list, I don’t know if Jasco does that kind of testing or not. :thinking:

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