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Starting a Device Handler for ThinkEco--help needed

(Anuj79) #1

i am planning to build a device handler for ThinkEco Devices… the one i have is a switch with power monitoring capability , i have the framework in mind that i would need to do but i am not sure what all code i would require…

i know i need a oauth to authenticate using my username/password from there i will have set switch on and off calling another restapi… will have to pass the oauth token generated earlier…any help would be appreciated…

(Kanishk Singh) #2

Any luck with Thinkeco?

(Anuj79) #3

i tried contacting thinkeco for help… i was able to reverse engineer but need some more information on what noonce to generate for oauth.

(Kanishk Singh) #4

They are releasing Alexa compatibility in september as per the thinkeco twitter, maybe then we can utilize it? I am sure it will be a private api

(Anuj79) #5

i did ask them to provide with some oauth authentication help but they didn’t want too…
i have used homebridge to integrate it with homekit. iam not sure if smarthings has that capability

(Anuj79) #6

someone has written a DH for thinkEco. i was able to use it with my modlet…

(Kanishk Singh) #7

Thanks, will check it.