Start App on phone through Samsa´ung Smarttag

The Samsung/Smarthing support can’t help me with simple thing, I own a S10 + Samsung Smarttag E7300. It is paired and I can successfully see the location of the Smarttag, let it ring and all the regular stuff. But now I want to start an App on the phone through pressing the button on the Tag. But it I did’nt know how to define such a scenario or rule or action.

Unfortunately you can’t do that. A press on the tag button can only be used as the (single) condition of a SmartThings Routine and a Routine can’t start an app on the phone (it doesn’t even run on the phone).

I’m also an Developer is there any API where I can detect this button press ?

Reason: I’m using the Bixby Button of my S10 for starting a special selfwritten App. But I just ordered a S22 which don’t have this button anymore and I search for a replacement. And the question for an Smarttag SDK/API is also interesting because we build Sport-Apps for running. We use Bluetooth Beacons as start/end signal on the trail, adding also Smarttags there would be a good option, but until now this only works with Appledevices.