Star wiring lights and switches to a hub (UK)

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I am working on the final wiring layout for my mums new build home. It will likely use Fibaro’s throughout as here in the UK the options for smart switches are limited and not very customisable. There will be a LOT of lights and switches, it’s a very big house!

Rather than trying to squeeze the modules behind each switch, which isn’t going to be possible in the back boxes for multi gang switches, I am planning to star wire all the lights and switches to central hubs (one hub per floor)

The load wires will be fine over the expected distances, but I’m not sure about the low voltage switch wires… can any electricians out there advise on the expected current drop over longer runs, and what the max cable length is likely to be? We will be using standard 2.5mm wire cores to enable conversion to other systems / dumbifying in the future. I’m not sure what the switch wire voltage is on the Fibaros, but I know it’s low (will test over the weekend and update this post).

Worse case scenario I can add more wiring hubs to decrease the longer cable runs.

Also, as the wiring hubs need to be safe and tidy, does anyone know of any din-rail mounted dimmers, comparable to Fibaro capabilities (or din adaptors for the Fibaros).



Have you tried asking this Vesternet tech-support? They’re obviously familiar with UK wiring, and might be able to get you the quickest answers.

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I’ve emailed Fibaro support direct…

Hoping someone on here has a trinket of info though.


I’ve had better luck with Vesternet (for U.K. Devices) than with either Fibaro or Aeotec direct, even when just asking as a prospective customer, but it can’t hurt to ask. :sunglasses:

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Also looking for alternative din-rail setups instead of using Fibaro.

Or I might just go for traditional ring main but have a large back box with blank plate hidden in the corner of each room, 3-4 modules per room box… would certainly help form a more resilient mesh than central hubs would. (And less wire… hmmmm choices!!)

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Yeah… Fibaro support have ignored me a few times in the past :frowning: