Standby Generator Alert

I would like detailed instructions on how to get alerts for vibration from my Multipurpose Sensor when active and no longer active.

I have a standby generator - the goal is to know when it starts running and stops running. I’m using the new version of Smartthings and don’t see the Notify Me When

There are a lot of SmartThings provided ‘template’ SmartApps, but you can’t find them in the new SmartThings Connect app, nor are a lot of them shown in the old SmartThings Classic app either.

To access SmartThings home grown SmartApps, log into the ‘SmartThings Groovy IDE’ on the web, then select ‘SmartApps’ under ‘Developer Tools’. Now hit the ‘New Smartapp’ button, then select ‘From Template’ and you’ll see a lot of SmartThings home grown SmartApps.

One of them is called ‘Notify me when’ which is what you are looking for. After selecting it, scroll all the way to the bottom and select ‘Create’, and then ‘Publish for me’ and then you’ll see it available in the SmartThings app SmartApps area after you tap the ‘+’ and it’s listed under ‘Custom’.

If you are using the new app another option would be to use an automation. For example…

If MultiPurpose Sensor vibration becomes active…
Then Notify me

Cool… appreciate. It doesn’t give all of the options that the app does do…