Standard Time Change Fall 2020

My sunrise / sunset automations are off by one hour today Sunday November 1st the first day of standard time. Hope this gets resolved. I see from forum history that this is an ongoing semi annual issue. Anyone else? Eastern Standard Time Virginia USA

Just discovered my Automations based on time relative to Sunset are an hour behind actual Sunset. E.g., Sunset is at 5:09 pm EST, but my Sunset Automations are activating at 6:09 pm EST.

i just set up some sunset automations today that should trigger in about 10 mins…

they all worked.

My Smart Lighting SmartApp automations fired at sunset as expected.

Mine didn’t fire off, either. I didn’t realize it this morning (though I thought it was strange a couple of overnight lights were still on…but I was up very early) but sunset’s come and gone here (PST, California) and I had to manually turn all the lights on.

Here’s email from support for a hack / kludge to fix (I hate this kind of remedy). I won’t know if it works until Monday morning. Basically change your location in app to different timezone. I switched from east coast to west coast. Then switch back to your home location. I did all that but it’s already late evening here so I’ll have to check performance Monday morning / evening.

For this I request you to please perform the below steps to resolve the issue:

In the SmartThings app, from the Home screen tap three dots in the upper right.
Touch Manage Location (the name of your Location will appear here)
Touch Geo-location
Touch and drag the pin to a location in a different timezone than your own
Touch Done

Next set it back to the correct location by following the steps below:

In the SmartThings app, from the Home screen, tap three dots in the upper right.
Touch Manage Location (the name of your Location will appear here)
Touch Geo-location
Touch and drag the pin to the correct physical location of the Hub
You can also pinch to zoom the size of the Geo-location
Touch Done

I’ll give this a try (I was just reading that post myself) and see what happens. I have some automations for later tonight that are time-based so we’ll see.

I’ve had this system for years and never had a time change issue before. Upgraded to the V3 Hub a couple weeks ago and, boom, here we are. sigh

Ok, while my Smart Lighting automation set for sunset fired at the right time, one scheduled for a specific time fired an hour early.

The one scheduled for 10pm CDT fired at 9pm CST and looks like it’s still scheduled for CDT tomorrow.

Further investigation: I have several time-based automations in Smart Lighting and one that triggers at sunset.

One of the time-based ones fired an hour early so I started looking at the info in the IDE. Most of the time-based ones were still set to fire on a CDT time, not a CST time.

I tried changing my location and changing it back but that had no effect.

I ended up opening each of the time-based automations in Smart Lighting and resaving them. That seems to have fixed it.

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In the case of Smart Lighting or other SmartApp you can check the scheduled time for the event. In the IDE, select Locations, then Smart Apps, then the individual automation under Smart Lighting. Examples of what you will see are in my other posts on this thread.

I don’t know if any equivalent diagnostic ability in the new app automations

Come on folks. ST need about ten more years to get this right based on their history :wink:.

In the meantime just expect the day after time changes to be borked. It’s how it is. Leave all alone and by Monday it’ll be okay.

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Sunrise automations ran on time Monday morning.

I had a Smart Lighting routine to turn off lights at 11:45pm and it triggered an hour early.
I edited the routine and resaved it. It then triggered again at the correct time.

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