Standard Temperature Msg Format--need help parsing messages

I’m trying to put together a specialty temperature sensor using an Arduino ThingShield. Rather than writing my own device handler, I thought I could use the standard SmartThings “Temperature Sensor” handler. But I can’t seem to get it to correctly interpret my messages. I have something like this going on in my sketch:

TempString = "temperature: " + String(WaterTemp/10) + “.” + String(Tenths);
_ smartthing.send(TempString);_

Which sends a text string like “temperature: 24.2” which, it looked to me, was the format that other temperature sensors were using. But when I look at the device event log, all I see is events like:

catchall: 0104 0000 01 01 0140 00 2B16 00 00 0000 0A 00 0A74656D70657261747572653A2032352E37

What am I missing? Any help appreciated!!!

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That is exactly what you should be seeing.

“74656d7065726174757265” us “temperature” in Hex code.

Instead of starting with Temperature Sensor handler, start with a ThingShield example and then add code from the Temperature Sensor handler.

The ThingShield is not a generic ZigBee device. It has custom firmware and libraries that use Text for messages instead of ZigBee clusters. So using a ZigBee DTH as your starting point puts you on the wrong path…

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This might also be helpful:


Thanks! That put me over the top and I got it working.

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