Standard Issue Reporting to SmartThings Support?

Is there a documented procedure the team at ST want us to follow when we have issues? I’ve been a bunch of email support with various specified information. Would it be better if there was a template?

For example (just making this up as I go)… I am picking some of the fields below as it might help them copy / paste into their ticketing system (jira, …).

Brief Description of the Issue: Door not unlocking when routine runs.
Detailed Summary of the Issue: I have my “Someone Arrives” routine setup to turn a few lights on, open my garage door, and unlock the door between my garage and house. Everything executes fine except the door NEVER unlocks. I can however, unlock and lock the door manually through the ST app.
Date / Time Issue Occurred (or didn’t occur):
List Related Device Names & Source:
– Light 1 (ST DH) [LIFX Color Bulb]
– Cabinet Lights (ST HD) [Wemo Switch]
– Kitchen Door (Custom DH, Z-Wave Lock Reporting) [Kwikset Deadbolt 916]
List Related Smart App Names & Source:
Routine Name: Someone Arrives
Frequency (How often does it fail):
Detailed Steps to Reproduce:
1 - See configuration of my “Someone Arrives” routine
2 - Leave and make sure that the “Everyone Leaves” routine executes.
3 - Come back home and validate that the “Someone Arrives” routine executes.
4 - Attempt to open the door and be disappointed (and embarrassed when with guests) that the door is unlocked.
5 - Make up some reason why it didn’t work so your friends think it is your fault and not this awesome ST system.

Note: Please include any logs that might be of value to the support team. If you can manually execute the task (run a smart app, run a routine) and get the same result, please do so and include the logs. Also, if you feel it will help, please include screenshots of the issue you are seeing on the ST app.


This is a great list! You can email a list like this directly to or use our new form

We also keep a KB page with a bit of information we need to address issues around purchases or clients:

One thing you might want to include… a funny (or emotional) gif.

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One thing I always add at the end is this…

You have my permission to access my account and perform all required actions to verify, troubleshoot, and repair this issue.

I have found that if I do not include this, the first email response I get is them asking for permission to do just that.