Standard device vs. Custom devices

New ST user here. I’m trying to learn all I can before diving into setup. As I look about, it seems that the really cool (ref: Wink NOT) ability to write custom devices is a big advantage. But, is there an easy reference to help me know for a given device what choices are available and the pros/cons of going “standard” vs. “custom”?

A standard device gives you support for all the devices that SmartThings officially supports in the officially supported manner.

Custom devices allow you to use unsupported devices with SmartThings like nest thermistats, and roomba’s. They can also allow you to use standard devices in unique ways and have it be reflected in the SmartThings app. I.e. Smart sence multi as a doorbell ring sensor, or contact sensors with pressure mats.

The best place to find custom devices is the search button in the upper right hand corner.

Standard devices: