Stamplay - IFTTT

Just came across this, sounds like it can be cool with Smartthings.

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Looks similar to

Hi Sean,

thanks for coming up with this post here. I’m glad that you perceived a potential in our platform and we strongly believe that connecting to systems like Smart Things can really empower users to create app for their house in a super simple way. Smart Things is in our roadmap but I’d like to ask you what kind of functionalities are you most familiar with, what you would be able to achieve?


Hi Brian,

thanks for your feedback, most of the people get this impression at first sight we need to fix that. But our service it’s quite different, Zapier just let you move data across services on web, we let you create a complete web application.

Stamplay is a platform that let developers build the backend of web applications in tenth of minutes instead of days. We bring together components and your favorite services API in a way that you just need to pick them and define rules like “When a user sign up with Facebook, post it on its Facebook timeline and welcome him with an email”.

Think of us as "Parse meets Zapier”, the power of a BaaS with the easiness and flexibility of a consumer product.
After this you’re up and running, our platform stores the data and expose you the API for your app and automatically generates the backend to let you manage all the data. You only need to care about the UX and the UI of your product. We let you build Rome in a day :wink: