Stacked or combination zwave switches?

I’m trying to replace a stacked decora switch with two zwaves so that I can automate the turn-on and turn-off of my driveway lights according to a programmable schedule. I don’t see any zwave switches that look like they will suit that configuration. I’m focused on the two little switches on the left that each control an outdoor light. Has anyone seen a zwave switch that will handle this application?

Maybe a Wink Relay (around $70 each) would work in this situation, if WiFi/Zigbee is acceptable.

Unfortunately the Wink relay will not work for you as you already have a double wall plate.

I recommend a dual relay to install in the switch box. The relay will only work if you have a neutral in the box. With a relay you can still use your existing switches.

Otherwise, you will either need to wire the lights together (so they turn on/off together) or use smart lighting. Both have their disadvantages.

Here are some popular dual relays. I do not use any of them but be sure to note the Watt/Amp requirements and their size. Some are hard to fit in existing boxes.

ZigBee dual relay:

Good point. I was so focused on a solution for the stacked switches that I forgot the 3rd.

Thank you for the input. I’ll have to take a closer look at the available space in the wall box to determine the feasibility of the relay solutions. My guess is that there’s very little space but perhaps I can work it out.

Actually, a picture of the inside of the box would help get more suggestions.

Right now, I think @jhamstead’s solution of a micro double switch might work best.

The Leviton VRCS2 is a zwave switch with the same form factor, two switches in a single gang space, and is pretty popular in the community.

That’s a Z wave classic model. Leviton is just starting to bring out their Z wave plus models, which have a longer range and are a little easier to pair in place, if you want to wait a couple months and see if a Z wave plus version arrives. But a lot of people are using the classic version and are happy with it now so that’s up to you.

It’s an expensive switch, though, so you might rather use one of the in wall micros just to save some money. Choice is good. :sunglasses:


Hi all!

It’s been about a year since this post - is this still the “best” option for a stacked switch that’s ST compatible?

Also, to make things even more complex, one of my stacked switches is a 3-way, the other is single pole :roll_eyes:


I can’t speak to the specific wiring issues, but the following FAQ is about a year newer than this thread. The main difference is that the Leviton switch is no longer on the market and they have not yet come out with any replacement for it. So pretty much the only option right now is the in wall micros. There are a couple of different brands available.

I just picked up the Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 Double Switch Zen30 for fan and light combo where I only had a single gang box and previously had a double switch.
I haven’t been sure about Zooz as a brand, but seems pretty decent. You can change the color of LEDs, it gives you a dimmer on top with a small switch for the fan. I haven’t tried it yet, but I gather you can also use it to trigger scenes based on the number of taps and things like that. The bottom switch is just a relay… but I believe it could be used as just a scene controller too.
I’m currently trying to find a switch that disconnects light control (relay) from switch control for say smart bulbs, scenes, or other devices… but on my search figured I would mention this newer switch option.

This can be done with some of the Inovelli models or with the zooz models, but there’s a parameter setting you have to change.

See option 2 in the switch FAQ,

FAQ: Looking at a good Wall Switch for my Hue Bulbs (2020 Short FAQ) ( also applies to other brands of smart bulbs)

Zooz is the house brand for and is a very popular Z wave brand in the community. :sunglasses:

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JD, thank you for the feedback. I like this new switch a lot more than the last Zooz switch I tested. I particularly like the utility of the dimmer and on/off in one. Will try playing with the parameters and may have found my solution, already on hand. :slight_smile: Good to know, I haven’t seen Zooz referenced much, nice to hear some positive feedback on them.

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You can definitely use the Double Switch ZEN30, as well as all other Zooz switches as scene controllers or remote controls for other devices. When they already control a light directly, you can use double tap for additional wireless control of other devices. And for smart bulbs, you can disable manual control so the wall switch won’t cut power to the smart bulb in the off position but will still turn it off through the wireless signal once you program it via Z-Wave.


So, I’ve got a couple of them installed with smart bulbs and I have them sort of setup. It is set to disable local control of bulbs and I’ve customized LED settings which is awesome!

But I did notice some oddities, it appears that single tap for paddle up and down doesn’t activate scene control? …although I was able to set single tap in Smart Lighting and set colors etcetera - which is ideal given the local control.

Per the only documentation I’ve found so far on setting up these switches I’m using ABC / the Advanced Button Control SmartApp, although single push doesn’t seem to work there. Is there a setting I’m missing or something? …double, triple tap etc. seem to work fine in that app, although there appears to be no color control for scenes? Still playing around with trying to get push and hold dimming working. Would certainly prefer to use Smart Lighting with local execution… is there a better Smart App for scene control? Or any relevant tips for clean reliable integration?

The Smart Lighting app should work as well, just select button as trigger and use the same button mapping as for the ABC app. Let us know if you still see issues with single tap triggers!

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